For a diplomat speeches and lectures are your bread and butter. You do a lot of them, mainly on occasions of social events, jubilees or meetings. Most of the speeches are superficial, light-weight or just introductions for more important speakers. This is no criticism. Most speeches are not held to be heard, but to give a good atmosphere, break the ice or fill the time when everybody is waiting for food. I include here some of these light-weight speeches just as something useful to copy and paste in case my readers need some nice words at a social event.

Lectures given to a specific audience, normally on invitation by an academic or public institution, are different. Here I wanted to produce a message, and I wanted to be heard and I wanted to convince. My feeling is that I was rather successful in getting the attention of my audience. If I could ever convince anybody who had different views before hearing me is at least unproven.




List of Speeches and Lectures in ENGLISH (latest come first))

2012-10-23 House of Lords Inquiry on REFORM OF THE EU BANKING SECTOR(pdf 209k ENGLISH)

2011-02-24 TACITUS-LECTURE Guildhall, City of London, 24th February 2011
(pdf 103k ENGLISH)

2010-10-10 Speech at the World Maritime University in Malmö on 10 October 2010
(pdf 40k ENGLISH)

2011-01-22 Lecture on The Ten Commandments, Pinner-Synagogue, North London (pdf 22k ENGLISH)

List of Speeches and Lectures in GERMAN (latest come first)

2012-02-06 Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft, Berlin (pdf 100k GERMAN)

2011-07-19 Internationaler Club La Redoute – „Quo vadis Britannia?“ – Außen- und Europapolitik der konservativ-liberaldemokratischen Koalition (pdf 85k GERMAN)

2011-01-22 Lesung über die Zehn Gebote, Pinner-Synagoge, North London (pdf 36k GERMAN – Original is in English)

2003-10-27 Rede zur Veranstaltung mit Prof. Dr. Jürgen Habermas, Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid am 27.Oktober 2003 (pdf 61k GERMAN)

2001-11-29 Brasilien – ein strategischer Partner Deutschlands und Europas, Vortrag in der brasilianischen Botschaft in Berlin vor der deutsch-brasilianische Gesellschaft (pdf 109k GERMAN)

2001 Vortrag zu Lateinamerika, Berlin (pdf 73k GERMAN)

1998 Zur politischen Lage in Lateinamerika (pdf 65k GERMAN)

1997-12-01 Artikel zu Globalisierung und Lateinamerika (pdf 73k GERMAN)

1994 – Ideen zu Russland-Wirtschaftsreform und Außenpolitik (pdf 83k GERMAN)




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