Riots in Hamburg – G-20 Heads of state and government kept from participating


The G-meetings of all kind are the most popular festivals for a violent mob travelling around the world and joining local mobs to have happenings with the police. The stone age Firestones were certainly more peaceful than the actual fire&stones-mob. In Hamburg they had a successful festival with a good rating of TV-stations from all over the world. Advertising could perhaps even more use the chance to offer insurances or health care schemes in the breaks of the breaking news.

But there was another thing happening in Hamburg, called the G20-summit. The media effect was much less impressive: politicians leaving a car, walking in a hall, entering a conference room, having handshake ceremonies and family photos. The press was guessing what was talked inside. As a former insider I can assure you that what you hear about it, is rather superficial. The effect on the international media could have been much bigger if heads of state and governments would have been allowed to camp on public ground and participate at least at some riots. But the mob did not admit them. Instead they had to listen to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

What counts in the end is the outcome. First of all there is a communiqué telling us that the governments present at the summit are committed to do something for Africa, to avoid protectionism under the reserve that it has to be fair trade, to keep the Paris agreement on climate as long as Turkey gets more money and America is not bothered while making its emissions great again.

There will be some peer pressure on everybody to keep the promises, but between sovereign states it is difficult to keep up that pressure – therefore more G-meetings (G-7, G-20, G-everybody and the UN) will be necessary to do just that. And the mob will go on travelling – with a bad CO2 balance because of unnecessary travels and burning barricades.

PS: peaceful demonstrations against whoever is there on whatever political meeting, against the meeting itself, its cost and content, is a democratic right. This right to demonstrate is in no ways impeded by the most silly and stupid motivations and arguments brought forward. Using violence is not included in this right. By the way using camping grounds without any health and safety rules is in my view also not part of the right to demonstrate. Judges in Hamburg have a different view. Judges must be independent – but that does not make them immune to be in error.


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